Sunday, August 24

STTA President....sigh... :(

Although I agree with Lee Bee Wah that someone had to be responsible with respect to Gao Ning's match without a coach.

I felt she lost the plot when she went about unprofessionally and definitely showing her inexperience by indicating that Antony Lee services where no longer needed.

What a knee-jerk reaction! She has really dampened our Celebrations for this Olympic Silver after 48 years!

She should've waiting until they got back from Beijing, let them and Singaporeans have their deserved Victory Celebrations, then have an inquiry to find out what actually happened and then decide what to do.

I'm stunned by her handling of this issue!

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AsiaOne Report Is Found Here

Is sacking of table-tennis team manager Antony Lee justified?

S'pore has just won its long-overdue second Olympic medal after a 48-year hiatus. This achievement is partly due to Lee's hard work. -myp

Mon, Aug 25, 2008
my paper

MANY in Singapore are shocked at the seemingly rash decision by the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) to sack table-tennis team manager Antony Lee.

According to media reports, its new president, Ms Lee Bee Wah, was just appointed last month, making this her "first foray into sports".

Singapore has just won its long-overdue second Olympic medal after a 48-year hiatus.

This achievement is the culmination of government and STTA policies as well as the hard work of players and support staff, which include team manager Lee and head coach Liu Guodong.

The country was looking forward to welcoming these heroes and heroines home.

Notwithstanding the incident where no coach was present at Gao Ning's match, is the STTA's action justified? We wait with bated breath to hear why such drastic action had to be taken without a proper inquiry being carried out.

The alleged infraction must have been extremely grave to warrant immediate dismissal in Beijing.

Project 0812 chairman Ng Ser Miang is not the only one who is puzzled - the whole of Singapore is too.

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan

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