Wednesday, August 17

Early morning....

at my daughter's 6am school swim training...

They've got a great coach who was the team captain at UCLA and swam with Quah Ting Wen.

She was saying that Alison's breaststroke reminds her of Ting Wen.

Friday, August 5

Sad Day and a Day of Testimony for Me

Today is a sad day in my office, but also a day of testimony for me. I'm seeing people being let go. It all started last year when it was announced that our competitor was going to takeover the company.

On the day that my friends gave us a farewell party and 2 days before we flew off, I received an email saying that we're going to be merged with our competitor.

Anyway, there was nothing I could do. And by Faith I traveled with my family over here. So, we've kept Faith and prayed after months of waiting and agony it has finally ended.

I'm safe and there is no change in my compensation package. I will have a bonus as well, and I know the Lord has blessed me.

But I write with sadness for my coworkers who have not been retained.

I pray that they get rehired or find a new place to go soon.

Tuesday, August 2

My Son & Teammates Lifting Weights to Raise Funds

Bryan with his teammates at SPA Spartan Football "Midnight Madness" lifting weights to raise funds for their football team.

Interesting how sports are over here for some schools. They go out to raise funds for the team equipment and their uniforms.