Wednesday, May 25

Saturday, May 21


Even now he has difficulty saying it...

when he was running the transportation portfolio, he did the same with COE, ERP, etc...

Somehow, he comes across arrogant, I'm not sure if he understands that each time he makes a decision and brushes off feedback/complains (famous... market forces to decide....), that the policies and statements actually hurt many Singaporeans.

What was he thinking when he made those decisions on pricing of HDB flats... bake the cake and eat too!

My daughter...

Really happy for her... got herself placed on Honor Roll as well as getting the motivation award.

Tuesday, May 17

Saturday, May 14

Hamlet.... To Be or Not To Be...

My son playing Guildenstern...

We enjoyed it very much... at first I didn't think much of it because they did not have much time for rehearsals. But these kids are talented and really played their roles very well.

The boys you see here are also basketball and american football players.  My son will also play football this fall.

Great job kids!

My Daughter in Sing America Sing...

I thought its a great way to learn and have fun at the same time.

Thursday, May 12

In San Diego for work..

I'm here in San Diego and have been here since Mon... working at the ETA Annual Meeting & Expo at the San Diego Convention Center.

It's a lot of standing and talking, my feet are killing me, I need new shoes.

But the area is beautiful where we are, it's called the Gaslamp Quarter, its the historic part of San Diego downtown.

Lots of restaurants and parks, and very close to the coast just along the Harbor Dr.

This is where I'm staying... Residence Inn Marriott... rooms are not too bad, breakfast isn't great, as usual scrambled eggs (for the last 3 days), sausage, ham (2 days), cereal, bagels, make your own waffles....

The rooms, it's very nice, the rate that I have is $179/night, but maybe its a corporate rate.... so check it first.

Very good Chicken Vegetable Soup at the "The Broken  Yolk".
If you don't have breakfast at the hotel, you can have it just across the street at a place called "The Broken  Yolk" not too bad.  They serve breakfast and lunch only.

Here is the "gate" to "Historic Heart of San Diego" or "Gaslamp Quarter", very nice... 

The "San  Diego Convention Center", its just across from the "Gaslamp Quarter"

And I got to participate in a discussion with Steve Wozniak... special guess!

Friday, May 6

Speaking English...

I was having my lunch and wanted to catchup on the Singapore GE 2011, so I downloaded an app on my Android phone called "MeRadio".  Here is a link to MeRadio -

So, I was listening to 938live, and a program called "A Slice of Life" was on and they had Heather Hansen, who runs training for corporations in the area of communications, specifically English.

Anyway, I just found the interview very interesting, and I want to share a link to the interview here - Interview with Heather Hansen on A Slice of Life

Download the interview in MP3 here (Right-Click and Save) -

She is on Facebook as well...

And you can pickup some free tips here -

Live Streaming on Polling Day

Live streaming for Singapore GE 2011 can be found here:
You can also get updates at your mobile at this link -

Monday, May 2

Singapore GE 2011

It's GE time in Singapore... so vote wisely...

I'm not going to put any links here because you'll get lots more if you google it....

How to Watermark your Digital Images

Quite often we (like me) put up/upload our digital images onto the web (photobucket, flickr, picasa, facebook, etc) and we're quite liberal with it.

But there might be some pictures that you may want to have ownership... that is to say that you're the one that shot this picture and if someone uses it, your "name" or "watermark" is on that picture.

Well, I've been looking at this for quite awhile, and there are many solutions to this like using Photoshop, GIMP, etc.  First of all Photoshop is expensive, and I think it's requires too much of our time to learn how to use it.

GIMP is free, but still takes time to learn this as well.

I've been using a graphic tool called IrfanView and just out of curiosity I googled "Irfan Watermarking", and voila... there are tutorials on how to do that and even one on how to watermark a batch of images.

So for those wanting to use the free utility IrfanView here is the website for it - click IrfanView

And for those wanting to watermark a single image, click Watermarking a Single Image

And for those wanting to watermark a batch of files, click Batch Watermarking using IrfanView

Here is a sample, note watermark is at the right bottom corner...