Monday, March 22

Somewhere Out There (Cover by Alison)

She really had fun playing this. It was a showcase by 3 students from Northwood Music to parents of potential students.

Enjoy. :)

Monday, March 8

"Cell" Life - A Presentation At Church

Our Church Cell Ministry recently did a presentation at Church on "Cell" life. It was to encourage more people to join a cell.

Here is a short video clip presentation.

you'll see in the video scenes from one of our skits. It was done in the Hokkien dialect which appealed to the older generation. It was an Christmas event to honour our parents.

In Scottsdale, Arizona for work

Been very busy and haven't had time to post. Now here at my Corp HQ at Scottsdale, Arizona for work.

Will be here till Thur evening.

Here are some pix of my dinner. Trying to catch some videos.