Thursday, December 4

Singapore Slingers vs Smart Pampanga Buddies

Pretty tight game in the 1st 2 quarters, but Smart Pampanga Buddies were not up to the task, the Slingers took the game to them in the 3rd quarter, and there was no looking back.

The Slingers came out tops with a score of 100 - 72.

Some pictures with the Slingers.

Al Vergara

Shane McDonald

John Fitzgerald

JAZZ TIME! The Innovative Art of Piano Improvisation

If you've got some time this on Sat Dec 6 from 3-4:30pm, there will be a public event at the Esplanade Library called "Jazz Time! :Piano Improvisation for Kids!" conducted by kids from Northwood Music.

My daughter will also be performing.

Here is an entry from the NLB Blog about this event.

Checkout Northwood Music

Sunday, November 30

A Pictorial Condolence to Lo Hoei-Yen

It is with our deepest condolences to Michael and his family on the tragic event, we pray that Michael and Hoei-Yen's parents and sisters will find peace and healing with time.

God Bless.

A moving pictorial condolence of Lo Hoei-Yen taken from YouTube.

Friday, November 28

Mumbai - Singaporean Lady Lawyer Killed

It's really sad, just heard on the news that the only Singaporean hostage has been found dead on the 19th floor of the Oberoi Hotel.

She is 28-year-old lawyer Lo Hwei-Yen.

AsiaOne Report:
Militants relayed message to India via Singapore: FM spokesman

They demanded Indian authorities to refrain from storming the Oberoi hotel. -AFP

Fri, Nov 28, 2008

SINGAPORE - Militants who seized hostages at a Mumbai hotel relayed a message through Singapore that Indian forces should not storm the building, a foreign ministry spokesman said Friday.

"The terrorists demanded that the Indian authorities refrain from storming the Oberoi hotel or else they would harm her," Jai Sohan, consular director of the foreign ministry, said after revealing that Singaporean hostage Lo Hoei Yen, 28, had been killed.

ChannelNewsAsia Report:
Singaporean held hostage at Mumbai's Oberoi Hotel killed
28 November 2008 2151 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE: Singapore's Foreign Ministry says the Singaporean Chinese woman held hostage at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai has been killed.

Speaking at a news conference at the Ministry, Director of the Consular Directorate Jai Sohan Singh said they were told at 9:35pm Singapore time that she suffered a tragic death.

This was after her husband, who had flown up to Mumbai, made a final confirmation of her identity. She is 28-year-old lawyer Lo Hoei-Yen.

Indian authorities had found her body on the 19th floor of the hotel.

Mr Singh added there are no more Singaporeans stranded in any of the hotels in the Indian financial capital.

115 Singaporeans were known to be in Mumbai either for work or leisure during the attacks on Wednesday night that have killed some 130 people.

- CNA/ir

Thursday, November 27

Situation in Mumbai

Let pray for the safe release of the hostages. There is one Singaporean female hostage being held at the Trident/Oberoi Hotel.

Here is a news report from ChannelNewsAsia (CNA):

Singaporean among hostages held in Mumbai
27 November 2008 1840 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE : The Singaporean held hostage at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai had contacted family members in Singapore, who then alerted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) about the situation. MFA received the call at about 6.15am on Thursday.

The ministry confirmed that the hostage is a Singaporean Chinese woman and that she has not been harmed.

It is believed that she was in the city on business, and is one of 20 foreigners taken hostage.

MFA said it is working closely with the Indian authorities to secure the safe release of the Singaporean hostage.

"We were contacted by the family members to the predicament of the Singaporean in Mumbai. They were contacted by the Singaporean," said Jai Sohan, director of Consular Directorate at MFA.

The ministry said it has made arrangements for the family to be flown to Mumbai on Thursday afternoon.

A two-man ministry taskforce is expected to join its consular officers from New Delhi who are flying to Mumbai to provide assistance to Singaporeans there.

Some 115 Singaporeans on holiday or business in the Indian city have registered with the MFA. Seven were stranded after the hotels they were staying at, namely the Taj Mahal and Oberoi Trident, were attacked.

MFA said the seven have since been relocated to secure places in the city. But early Thursday morning, the ministry was alerted to one Singaporean being held hostage at the Oberoi Trident Hotel.

The ministry has also refuted reports that a Singaporean has been injured in the Mumbai attacks.

However, it said it has not been able to contact four out of the 115 Singaporeans who registered their presence in the Indian city with the ministry.

The updates were given at a second media conference by the ministry at 6.30pm on Thursday.

Singapore's High Commissioner in New Delhi has arrived in Mumbai to oversee the safety and care of those stranded there.

MFA said Singapore strongly condemns the attacks and conveyed its deepest condolences to the victims, their families, the government of India and its people.

It said the Mumbai attacks underscored the common terrorist threat that we continue to face today, and Singapore stands firmly behind the Indian government in its fight against terrorism.

The ministry and the Singapore Consulate-General in Mumbai are closely monitoring the situation in the city.

Should Singaporeans require assistance, they can contact the Singapore Consulate-General in Mumbai or the MFA Duty Officer at 6379-8800 or 6379-8855.

When in Mumbai, MFA has advised Singaporeans to take the necessary precautions for their personal safety. During this period, Singaporeans are advised to monitor local news reports and be prepared to face inconveniences in their travel.

If Singaporeans do not have a pressing need to travel to Mumbai, they are advised to postpone their travel to a later date.

Should they decide to travel, they are advised to register with the ministry at This will enable the ministry and the Consulate-General in Mumbai to contact Singaporeans and render them the necessary consular assistance in case of emergencies.

All Singaporeans travelling abroad are also encouraged to purchase comprehensive medical and travel insurance.

- CNA/938LIVE/ls

Tuesday, November 25

Listen to Jeremy Camp's Testimony....

Another great cover done by Daniel Choo...

Walk By Faith (Jeremy Camp):
Would I believe you when you say
Your hand will guide my every way
Will I receive the words You say
Every moment of every day

Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see
because this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

Help me to win my endless fears
You've been so faithful for all my years
With the one breath You make me new
Your grace covers all I do

Well I'm broken
but I still see Your face
Well You've spoken
pouring Your words of grace

Hallelujah, hallelu

Sunday, November 23

We Are The Reason

As the Christmas season approaches, we want to celebrate and understand what Christmas is all about...

Saturday, November 22

YouTube Live - Nov 22, 2008

Checkout YouTube Live on Nov 22, 2008 5PM (PST) / 8PM (EST)

Get Details

Friday, November 21

Looking for some great guitar tips....

Was surfing YouTube for palm muting techniques and I came across this site...

He has a site called Djembe. Drums. Guitars. Sound Design.

Was also looking for some simple explanation of what C2 & Cadd9 actually means and this is really a great site.

Worship Guitar Guy

I've put these links permanently under "Resources" on the left side of this blog. Just scroll down and you'll find it.

Down with the Flu & Sore Throat

Been down with the flu and a sore throat for the last 5 days. I've been to 2 doctors and now on antibiotics.

I pray that I get well soon, cause I'll be in Jakarta on Monday night, getting ready for a meeting and be back on Tue evening.

Been practising 4 songs for tomorrow night's cell. We're going to have praise and worship as well as BBQ.

Hallelujah, Beautiful One, Lord I Offer My Life To You and The Song of Jabez.

Been listening to a several of songs from YouTube today Jesus Messiah, Living Water and The Answer.

Best Pasta @ Sembawang Hill

Their famous Marinara (remember to let them know...NO CHILLI!)
- mussels, clams, prawns(shrimps) & squid (sotong)

Brought my son for lunch before his dental surgery to remove a milk tooth and misaligned tooth stuck inside.

Sembawang Hill Food Centre
590 #01-34 Upper Thomson Road
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 12pm to 2:30pm;5:30pm to 8:30pm (Mon and every 3rd Sat of month closed)

Find your way there... use StreetMap@Singapore

Friday, November 7

Catching a game of basketball...

Not too bad a game... wish there was more people watching the Slingers.

I brought my son and daughter, and my wife as well as my helper to the game... it's really a good time having the family together.

The Singapore Slingers came out tops once again with a score of 92-80 over the Malaysian All-Stars.

The Slingers were kinda cold in the 1st half... did picked up the pace in the 2nd and won.

Forgot to add that our helper Doris was also with us... it was good time as she would be leaving us after working with us for 3 years. She is going home to the Philippines to get married.

Wednesday, October 29

Monday, October 27

Think about your day?

There Is A Day - Phatfish
There is a day
That all creation's waiting for,
A day of freedom and liberation for the earth.
And on that day
The Lord will come to meet His bride,
And when we see Him
In an instant we'll be changed

The trumpet sounds
And the dead will then be raised
By His power,
Never to perish again.
Once only flesh,
Now clothed with immortality,
Death has now been
Swallowed up in victory

We will meet Him in the air
And then we will be like Him
For we will see Him, as He is
Oh yeah!
Then all hurt and pain will cease
And we'lll be with Him forever
And in His glory we will live
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

So lift your eyes
To the things as yet unseen,
That will remain now
For all eternity.
Though trouble's hard,
It's only momentary
And it's acheiving
Our future glory.

Wednesday, October 22

What a Father would do for his Child!

I've watched this video many times... it never fails to amaze me what Dick Hoyt's love for his son Rick is like....

Thursday, October 16

One of my Favorite P&W singers

I'm having this splitting headache... must not be getting enough sleep.

Anyway... gotta get a break from work, listening to "tifatifatm", really helps to relax.

Sing of Your Great Love - Hillsong (Cover)

Tuesday, October 14

Watch the Singapore Slingers

My son recently got really interested in basketball and he has been playing it in school with his friends.

So, I thought why not bring him for a game. I been hearing good reviews about the Singapore Slingers.

They are made up of players from Australia, New Zealand, US, Philippines & Singapore. They've been playing quite well recently and we were entertained to a game between them and Beijing Aoshen.

The Slingers were 86-81 over the Aoshen.

You can also watch it in high quality here -

Monday, October 13

Any Piano Teachers?

My daughter's music school (visit Northwood Music) is looking for a full-time piano teacher specifically for Kindergarten and Nursery students. The music school is Singapore based.

Training will be provided personally by the Principal Coach and Director Eric Lee.

Interested please email to Mr Eric Lee @ or a number is available at Northwood Music website @


You can watch his YouTube video on this blog... it's available on the right-side "firstdown80 Channel".

Another Wonderful Blog....

I was looking for this Hokkien song called "牵我的手" (Hold My Hand).... so I stumbled upon Galvin Sng's blog. This young man writes and sings his own compositions.

Very refereshing... praising and worshipping in Chinese.

Visit his blog at Galvin

Tuesday, October 7

Some words of Wisdom from a World Class Swimmer!

She aims to make a big splash

Singapore's swimming darling shares her experiences at the S'pore Sports School. -ST

Wed, Oct 08, 2008
The Straits Times

THE Olympic Games have been my dream since I was a young swimmer.

When I first started swimming, I imagined standing on the winner's podium and receiving my medal.

I was five.

Not hard to believe, especially with me coming from a family with a strong swimming background. Although no one forced me to swim, I always felt comfortable in the water. It makes me feel free.

By the time I was 10, I had started my competitive career, and in my first contest, won two gold medals and broke two age records.

It made me more determined to make it to the Olympics, and each time I won or broke a record, I would tell myself that I was one step closer to my dream.

But it was never easy. I had to make sacrifices.

I'll always remember how hard things were for my mother and me when we began our new life here, after we moved to Singapore when I was 13.

She was the only family member I had close by, and is always there for me.

We had our share of struggles adjusting, when everything was new and unfamiliar.

Because of my standard of English, I was placed in a Primary 5 class in Queenstown Primary School, although I was 13.

At that point, my rigorous training schedule began.

I woke up daily at 6am for school, then trained after school till about 11pm - so much so I felt like a machine because I got so little rest. I hated waking so early, when others were still snuggled in bed.

Unlike other teenagers, I do not get to go out often with my friends, and my holidays are spent in intensive training.

Even a treat at a fast-food restaurant is not allowed. I have to stick to a strict diet.

After I was admitted to the Singapore Sports School, I received world-class training while pursuing my studies.

Each time I compete or train overseas, I have to catch up when I return.

In the two months before the Olympics, when I had to train intensively, the school even adjusted my academic timetable to put my mind at ease.

The one thing that keeps me going through all these struggles is my family. Without their encouragement and support, I would not be where I am.

In the years we have lived here, we have adapted quite well to the lifestyle. The hardships we endured made us appreciate better what we now have.

The only way I can repay my mother is to make her proud of my swimming achievements. It is my driving force.

I'd like to tell young people: Believe in yourself and give all you can to achieve your dreams. Victory will definitely be sweet. Never tell yourself 'I am already there', and rest on your laurels.

The only way to be the best is to persevere.

The next thing that I'm looking forward to is the Fina Arena World Tour at the end of month, where I'll compete in places such as Sweden, Germany and Moscow.

Next stop on the way to my big dream: Top three at the London Olympics, 2012.

Wuhan-born Tao Li, 18, is a Secondary 3 student at the Singapore Sports School. At the Beijing Olympic Games, she was the youngest swimmer among eight finalists in the 100m butterfly event and came in fifth. She also broke the Asian record in the 100m butterfly.

This article was first published in The Straits Times on Oct 6, 2008.

Monday, October 6

主的喜乐是我力量Zu De Xi Le Shi Wo De Li Liang

主的喜乐是我力量Zu De Xi Le Shi Wo De Li Liang -

Listening to My Saviour Lives

My Saviour Lives (Daniel Choo) New Life Worship

Lyrics -
Our God will reign forever
And all the world will know His name
Everyone together sing the song of the redeemed

I know that my redeemer lives
And now I stand on what He did
My Saviour, my Saviour lives
Every day a brand new chance to say
"Jesus, You are the only way"
My Saviour, my Saviour lives

The King has come from Heaven
And darkness trembles at His name
Victory forever is the song of the redeemed

My Saviour lives, My Saviour lives, My Saviour lives
My Saviour lives, My Saviour lives, My Saviour lives

Friday, October 3

Labor of Love

This song is written by Andrew Peterson (album "Behold the Lamb of God") and sang by Jill Phillips

Labor of Love

It was not a silent night
There was blood on the ground
You could hear a woman cry
In the alleyways that night
On the streets of David’s town

And the stable was not clean
And the cobblestones were cold
And little Mary full of grace
With the tears upon her face
Had no mother’s hand to hold

It was a labor of pain
It was a cold sky above
But for the girl on the ground in the dark
With every beat of her beautiful heart
It was a labor of love

Noble Joseph at her side
Callused hands and weary eyes
There were no midwives to be found
In the streets of David’s town
In the middle of the night

So he held her and he prayed
Shafts of moonlight on his face
But the baby in her womb
He was the maker of the moon
He was the Author of the faith
That could make the mountains move

It was a labor of pain
It was a cold sky above
But for the girl on the ground in the dark
With every beat of her beautiful heart
It was a labor of love
For little Mary full of grace
With the tears upon her face
It was a labor of love

>>> Andrew Peterson Web

Tuesday, September 23

Need money? Stop indulging your kids

This article was published in the Singapore "The New Paper" on 22 Sep 2008.

Need money? Stop indulging your kids

Tough love is the best love for your finances. -TNP

Suze Orman

Wed, Sep 24, 2008
The New Paper

WHETHER you are a single parent, or a couple with one of you at home full-time, figuring out how to pay for the everyday family expenses while also saving for retirement on just one pay cheque is a tough challenge.

Consider some of these income-stretching moves:

Don't save (or save less) for your children's college education

You cannot afford to save for your children's college education if it means you will be shortchanging your retirement investing.

Your child can get aid and loans for college. No one is going to be ready to help you in retirement.

Love your children - don't indulge them

Look, I get that children want to have the same wardrobe and gizmos as their friends. That's just human nature.

But this is one of those places where the hard work of parenting needs to be done.

Take a look at your credit card statements for the past three months. I bet there are a few hundred dollars spent on indulgences for your children. That has to stop.

You have to start teaching them about being fiscally responsible. A $150 pair of jeans or an iPod is not some monthly birthright.

If they want to keep up with the high school Joneses, then they can get a part-time job. That's not punishment. That's stand-up parenting.

Watch those self-indulgences, too!

It's not all about the children. You have a bad day at work and reward yourself with a new pair of shoes. Or you go out to lunch with the gang at work five days a week.

Cut back and you are looking at extra savings. Take lunch to work once in a while, and you have more money to invest in your retirement fund.

Small sacrifices are crucial to the success of any savings plan.

Consider making a move

This one is admittedly a very big step, but it can make all the difference for you and your family. If you live in an expensive area, it makes sense to consider moving to a new area.

It may even be just a few miles away. Just think of the financial breathing room it could give you.

I’m Held By Your Love

this is a wonderful song from New Creation Church...

Here are the Lyrics:

I’m held by Your love, upheld by Your strength;
On Your shoulders You bore me, by Your faith I stand;
Cherished by You, Lord, treasured in Your sight;
So close to Your heart, held firm in Your hands.

So awesome is Your love, so mighty is Your hand;
On eagle’s wings You carry me;
Your grace shall be my strength;
So perfect is Your love, You sacrificed Your Son;
Amazing love reached out to me;
With joy to You I come.

Not by my wisdom, not by my strength;
Gently You guide me, lead me by hand;
Total surrender, Jesus, I am Yours;
Now and forever, in Christ I now stand.

Monday, September 22

Alison Performing Live @ Music Dreamers Cafe

Hello everyone.... watch my daughter performing live at the Music Dreamers Live! Cafe on 22 Sep 2008. Checkout my other videos on YouTube at Thanks for your support. :)

Singapore F1 Grand Prix Lighting

these pictures were taken on 22 Sep 2008 at 7:22pm from level 2 of the Millenia Walk (next to Pan Pacific Hotel).

Thursday, September 18

Marie Digby in Israel

** music is 'Paint me In Your Sunshine' by yours truly **

checkout Marie's channel on YouTube -

Guardian Angels

Over half of Americans believe in guardian angels: Study
Agence France-Presse
Friday, September 19, 2008, (Washington)

More than half of Americans believe they are protected by a guardian angel and two in three are certain that heaven exists, according to a study of US religious beliefs.

The survey, conducted by researchers at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, asked 350 questions about religion to 1,648 adults across the country.

Fifty-five per cent said they believed they were protected from harm by a guardian angel, a figure that researcher Christopher Bader said came as a surprise.

"To find out that more than half of the American public believes this was shocking to me. I did not expect that," he said.

Sixty-seven per cent said they were "absolutely sure" heaven exists and 17 per cent believed it "probably" does. Seventy-three per cent of Americans believe in hell, it found.

Women are more likely than men to believe in heaven (68 per cent to 56 per cent), blacks more than whites (86 per cent to 60 per cent), southerners more than easterners (76 per cent to 50 per cent).

Also, political party was linked to religious beliefs, with 77 per cent of Republicans saying they believed in heaven, compared to 54 per cent of Democrats, said the report released on Thursday.

Those Americans who say they do not believe in God -- four per cent -- as well as those who say they have no religion -- 11 per cent -- were very close the figures in the 2005 survey.

In all, 45 per cent of Americans say they have had at least two religious encounters in their lives, the survey found, and conservative Protestants were more likely than Catholics or Jews to report religious or mystical experiences.

Read earlier post in June 1007 - Americans believe in miracles, heaven, power of prayer

Mighty To Save

Everyone needs compassion...forgiveness... we can have all that through our Lord Jesus....


Verse 1
Everyone needs compassion
A Love thats never failing
Let mercy fall on me
Everyone needs forgiveness
The kindness of a savior
The hope of nations

My Savior, He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Forever, author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

Verse 2
So take me as you find me
All my fears and failures
And fill my life again
I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender (I surrender)

Shine your light and let the whole world see
We're singing for the glory of the risen king
Jesus Shine your light and
Let the whole world see
We're singing for the glory
Of the risen King

Monday, September 15

Learn to play "Beautiful Love" by The Afters

Posted this sometime in Aug 2008, "Beautiful Love" played by the Daniel & Graham Choo, here is the instructional by Daniel Choo.... really a beautiful song :)

Here is "Beautiful Love" by The Afters. Enjoy. Sorry, embed is disabled on request.

Hurray! Yip Pin Xiu

In all, it is a magical debut Paralympics for the Bendemeer Secondary School Secondary Four student, who was born with muscular dystrophy.

Her physical condition deteriorates slowly, as her skeletal muscles weaken and degenerate progressively, but is expected to stabilise when she reaches the age of 20.

Her fist-like hands and weak wrists cannot catch much water, and so cannot propel her like boat oars. Thus, she compensates with super-fast strokes.

Yip's head is also tilted back and submerged, so that her hips can rise higher in the water, reducing the drag created by her limp legs.

Paralympics: Singapore swimmer Yip clinches gold in 50m backstroke
15 September 2008 1838 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE: Swimmer Yip Pin Xiu has won the first gold medal for Singapore at the Beijing Paralympics in the 50-metre backstroke finals.

She clocked 58.75 seconds, way ahead of Britain's Fran Williamson who clinched the silver in 1:06.07.

Yip broke her own world record during the heats earlier Monday. She clocked a new world and Paralympic record time of 57.92 seconds. Fran Williamson was second with a time of one minute 6.75 seconds.

Yip on Saturday clinched Singapore's first silver at the Paralympics, in the women's 50-metre freestyle finals. Despite not coming in first in the finals, she maintains the new world and Paralympic record she set in the heats earlier on Saturday, with a timing of 57.04 seconds.

Yip will receive S$100,000 for her gold medal under the Athletes Achievement Award (AAA) set up by the Singapore National Paralympic Council.

However, fellow swimmer Theresa Goh finished empty-handed at the Paralympics. She failed to qualify for the 50-metre freestyle final, coming in last in her heat.

Singapore has won four medals in the Beijing Paralympics. Rider Laurentia Tan aced two bronze medals in equestrian.

The Paralympics ends on Wednesday.

- CNA/ir

Brain Boosters?

Here is a clarification & response to this article.

Sep 19, 2008
Allergies: About eggs, peanuts

WE REFER to '8 brain boosters' (Sept 11), which we feel may mislead parents of children with allergies and potentially cause serious problems.
The article quoted Dr Ang Poon Liat as saying that 'the best way to eat your egg is soft boiled. Frying or having it hard boiled destroys its protein, causing it to be allergenic'.

In fact, it is the converse that is true. A well-cooked egg is less likely to cause allergic reactions because the protein is broken down (denatured) after cooking, making it less allergenic. Some children with egg allergies can therefore tolerate well-cooked eggs, but not soft boiled or raw eggs.

We would also like to comment on the statement that 'ground peanuts are less ideal because they often result in allergic reactions'.

While it is true that peanuts can cause allergic reactions, they occur in only a small percentage of children.

There is currently no established recommendation regarding the avoidance of peanuts in childhood and the prevention of the development of peanut allergy.

Drs Chng Hiok Hee, Lee Bee Wah, Bernard Thong and Lynette Shek
Executive Committee Members
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society (Singapore)

AsiaOne - 8 brain boosters

Want to sharpen your memory or up your child's IQ? The key lies in eating the right foods, many scientists and nutritionists say.

Mon, Sep 15, 2008
The Straits Times

By Esther Teo

You might think that labelling some of the things you eat as 'brain food' might be stretching it a bit.

However, many scientists and nutritionists believe that foods you eat can directly affect the way your brain performs, that you can boost your intelligence quotient (IQ), focus your concentration, sharpen your memory and keep your mind young.

They may also have an effect on how children develop and grow.

So are we what we eat? Dr Ang Poon Liat, senior consultant paediatrician at the Paediatric Centre in Thomson Medical Centre, said that a person is 20 per cent genes and 80 per cent food.

To him, nurture supersedes nature and one should eat for several reasons.

'Purpose-driven eating is very important; you must eat for brain growth and development, to prevent cancer and to stabilise hormones,' he said.

Aside from breastfeeding, which has proved to increase the IQ of babies and children, the food you feed your kids can also determine their academic potential.

Dr Ang identifies eight brain foods which should be part of your child's diet. However, these are foods that will benefit you through life.

1: Fish

Why: Fish like salmon, sardines and cod are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain growth and function.

Dr Ang says: Not just salmon, all types of fish are good. You can even take cod fish body oil, which is rich in vitamin A, to supplement your diet. Your brain is 60 per cent fat, so fish is a good source of that.

2: Eggs

Why: Other than being a great protein source, egg yolks also have a high amount of choline - a nutrient in the B vitamin family - which helps in memory development.

Dr Ang says: The best way to eat your egg is soft boiled. Frying or having it hard boiled destroys its protein, causing it to be allergenic.

3: Nuts

Why: They provide vitamin E and are also a source of antioxidants that protect the membranes of brain cells against free radicals.

Dr Ang says: Macadamia and almonds are recommended. Ground peanuts are less ideal because they often result in allergic reactions.

4: Colourful vegetables

Why: They provide high levels of antioxidants that keep brain cells strong and healthy.

Dr Ang says: Choose fresh products in a wide variety of colours to give you a range of antioxidants. Also, go for brighter and hence more intense antioxidants, which
help prevent cancer.

5: Wholegrains

Why: Provides gradual release of glucose that the brain needs to function due to the
fibre regulating its release. It also contains B vitamins.

Dr Ang says: The slower release process of glucose prevents glucose swings - the process in which a child is energised and then quickly becomes fatigued. These mood changes are unhealthy for a child.

6: Berries

Why: High levels of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which can help prevent cancer. Some studies have also shown improved memory.

Dr Ang says: The best fruits are berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and even cherries. They are less sweet and present less sugar problems; also, they have antioxidant values that are rated the highest.

7: Beans

Why: These provide energy from protein to complex carbohydrates which are good brain foods. Proteins are needed to synthesise the nucleic acid of brain cells.

Dr Ang says: Green beans and red beans are good. As far as soya beans go, it is best to consume fermented soya products.

8: Yogurt

Why: Good source of protein and B and D vitamins, which are vital for the growth of brain tissue and neuro-transmitters.

Dr Ang says: Yogurt is preferred over milk because a semi-solid food is a better choice for a growing child. Also, because it is fermented, it is also pre-digested and is easier for a child to process.


"Purpose-driven eating is very important; you must eat for brain growth and development, to prevent cancer and to stabilise hormones." - Dr Ang Poon Liat, senior consultant paediatrician at the Paediatric Centre in Thomson Medical Centre.

This story was first published Mind Your Body, The Straits Times, on Sept 11, 2008.

Saturday, September 13

MM Lee had successful treatment for abnormal heart rhythm

AsiaOne - MM Lee in hospital for heart problem

He had successful treatment for abnormal heart rhythm. -Reuters

Sat, Sep 13, 2008
Reuters, AsiaOne

SINGAPORE, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Lee Kuan Yew, 84-year-old founder of modern Singapore, has undergone successful treatment for an abnormal heart rhythm at a local hospital, his press secretary said on Saturday.

"He is still in the hospital," Yeong Yoon Ying told Reuters, adding that he would remain under observation for the time being.

It was the first time that Lee has suffered from the complaint, known medically as "atrial flutter", Yeong said.

He is expected to resume his normal schedule within the next few days, said a Straits Times report.

Lee is credited with transforming Singapore from a swampy Third World seaport into a First World financial dynamo. He was Singapore's first prime minister for 31 years until 1990.

Yip Pin Xiu wins a silver 50m swimming event

After what Laurentia Tan did in Equestrian getting 2 bronze medals at the Beijing 2008 Paralympics... and now Yip Pin Xiu winning a silver 50m swimming!

S'pore swimmer wins silver

Yip Pin Xiu beat 13 other competitors with a timing of 57.43 seconds in the 50m women's freestyle at the Beijing Paralympics. -ST, AsiaOne

Sat, Sep 13, 2008
ST, AsiaOne

BEIJING - SINGAPORE paralympic swimmer Yip Pin Xiu won the silver medal in the finals of the 50m women's freestyle with a timing of 57.43 seconds at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics.

She lost out by just 0.38 seconds, to Mexico's Patricia Valle, who won the gold, with 57.05 seconds.

Earlier on Saturday, Yip had come in first during the heats of the 50m women's freestyle, setting a new world paralympic record, with a timing of 57.04 seconds.

Singapore already has two bronze medals in the Paralympics. They were won by Laurentia Tan in the equestrian events.

More about swimmer Yip Pin Xiu

According to the Singapore Disability Sports Council's website, Yip Pin Xiu suffers from muscular dystrophy.

This condition causes her muscles t to degenerate over the years.

Because of her condition, young Pin Xiu had to rely on walking aids such as braces, and later, wheelchairs to help her get around.

Thursday, September 11

Math skills are inborn...really!?

AsiaOne Article - News @ AsiaOne
It's official: Math skills are inborn

Humans have an inborn, intuitive grasp of numbers that varies sharply from one person to the next. -AFP

Thu, Sep 11, 2008

Humans have an inborn, intuitive grasp of numbers that varies sharply from one person to the next and is closely linked to advanced math skills, according to a newly-released study.

In experiments with teenagers in the United States, scientists discovered that children whose "approximate number system" (ANS) was highly developed were also good in school-taught mathematics from an early age.

The ability to roughly estimate quantities in the blink of eye - without any training - has also been found in monkeys, rats and four-month-old infants, and probably has deep evolutionary roots, says the study.

"It is difficult to overstate the importance of the 'number sense' for all kinds of animals," says lead researcher Justin Halberda, a cognitive scientist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

"Maximizing your search for food, finding a seat on the bus, recognizing the difference between a mating call and an alarm call in a particular species of bird by the number of warbles - all of these require the ANS," he explains.

Previous research had shown that an innate sense of numbers is entirely controlled by a non-verbal region of the brain called the intraparietal sulcus.

But to do precise calculations, humans require language, which is governed by another part of the brain.

Halberda and two colleagues tested this hard-wired ability to judge quantities by showing 64 14-year-olds a series of images containing between 10 and 32 dots that were either blue or yellow.

In some images - flashed for only one-fifth of a second - there were twice as many dots of one color.

In other images, however, the ratio was closer to parity with, for example, seven yellow dots and eight blue, and thus much harder to discern.

The results showed a wide variation in the capacity to pick the color with the most dots at least 75 percent of the time, suggesting that some people are simply much better at such lightning-fast "guesstimates".

Even more unexpected, however, was the extent to which the two distinct kinds of number-crunching cognition - ANS and learned mathematics - are linked.

Kids who performed best in the image test were also those who scored the highest in standard math achievement tests, going back almost 10 years to kindergarten.

The same held true at the other end of the spectrum, even after additional factors, such as IQ levels, were taken into account, according to the study, which was published in the London-based science journal Nature.

"What is surprising is that the formal mathematics we work so hard to learn in school ... is related in any way to what a rat is doing when it is out looking for scraps of food, or what you and I are doing when we look for a seat on a bus," says Halberda.

This does not mean that one cannot be good in math without a keen ANS, or that having a strong "number sense" is a guarantee for good grades in school, he adds.

Nor is it clear whether one's ANS can be boosted.

"It remains to be seen if one can improve a student's innate number sense by practice and training, and whether such training will lead to improvements in school math performance," Halberda says.

Billy Graham Movie

Billy - The Early Years of Billy Graham...

Billy: The Early Years Trailer

MySpace - Billy: The Early Years

Talking to doctors about God

This was reported on CNN...

How to talk to your doctor about God

* Story Highlights
* Recent study found many Americans believe in divine intervention in a medical crisis
* If faith is important to you, it's OK to ask for a doctor with similar convictions
* If you believe in miracles, make sure your health providers know it

By Elizabeth Cohen
CNN Medical Correspondent

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- The doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians gathered around her son's crib, their faces grim. Pamela Gorman knew what they were thinking: Her son, Christopher, was about to die.

As a newborn, Christopher Gorman was given little chance of survival. His mom calls his recovery "a miracle."

Christopher was just a few days old and had a rare blood infection and fungal meningitis, a brain infection.

"I could tell in their eyes they had no hope for my son," Gorman said. "They told me to prepare for his death. They told me he might not make it through the night."

Gorman never believed the doctors. In fact, she did something she thinks annoyed these men and women of science: She prayed. She prayed all the time.

"They made me feel ridiculous for praying so much and so hard and leaving it up to God," said Gorman, who lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho. "But I told them my son not surviving was not an option."

When he was a month old, Christopher left the hospital. He's been healthy ever since, she says. He turns 3 next month.

"It was a miracle," she said. "There are just things doctors can't explain. Doctors are not in control of everything. There's stuff that happens every day that they can't explain." VideoEmpowered Patient: Watch more on faith and medicine »

A new study finds that many Americans have that same kind of faith. In the study, 57 percent of randomly surveyed adults said God's intervention could save a deathly ill family member even if physicians said treatment would be futile.

However, just under 20 percent of doctors and other medical workers said God could reverse a helpless outcome.

The study was published last month in Archives of Surgery and is one of many to show a "faith gap" between doctors and patients.

"Patients are scared to death to talk to their doctors about this issue," said Dr. Harold Koenig, co-director of the Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health at Duke University.

Given this gap, how can you discuss God with your physician? We asked advice from Koenig and two other physicians who study faith and medicine.

1. It's OK to ask for a doctor who also has strong religious convictions

Koenig suggests this approach when talking to a physician: "I would say: 'My religious beliefs are very important to me and influence my medical decisions and the way I cope with illness, and I want a doctor who has those same convictions. If you don't come from that perspective, do you know a doctor you can refer me to?' "

If you're a Christian, you might find a like-minded doctor through the ZIP code search at the Christian Medical and Dental Associations.

2. Don't be surprised if you find No. 1 difficult to do

"Religion is the last taboo in medicine," said Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, an internist, a Franciscan friar and director of ethics at St. Vincent's Hospital and New York Medical College in New York. "Doctors and patients talk about intimate details like sexual practices and drug use but still have this great reluctance to talk about religion."

Sulmasy suggests not asking directly about the doctor's own religious beliefs but instead focusing on your own religious needs.

3. It's OK to ask your doctor to pray with you

According to a 2006 study by the University of Chicago, 53 percent of doctors surveyed said it was appropriate to pray with patients when asked.

This can work even when doctor and patient don't share the same faith. For example, Koenig, who's Christian, has prayed with Jewish patients. "In most cases, a general prayer asking for God's comfort, support and healing will be sufficient," he said.

4. Be specific about your religious needs

"If I'm a Muslim and I come to the point of dying, the hospital might need to relax the visiting rules, because it's important to have as many people as possible with me as I recite the Quran," Sulmasy said.

"If I'm a Buddhist, it may be important to me to hear chant as I'm dying," he added. "If I'm a Catholic, I may want to receive the Sacrament of the Sick."

5. If you believe in miracles, say so

"Get that out in the open," advised Dr. Robert Fine, an internist and head of clinical ethics and palliative care at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Confusion may ensue if you don't, he explains. For example, sometimes doctors think families are against removing life support at the end of life because they don't understand the medical facts, when they do understand but are waiting for a miracle.

"Once we know that, we can have a discussion about faith," Fine said.

CNN's Jennifer Pifer contributed to this report.

Links referenced within this article

Empowered Patient: Watch more on faith and medicine »
new study
Christian Medical and Dental Associations
2006 study;jsessionid=LH9Kfh5mlc14ZlCCyx9bfXNc1tHvv7xLVXpntnrhF1WmTjkQlfl7!-1101774500!181195629!8091!-1?index=1&database=ppvovft&results=1&count=10&searchid=1&nav=search

Find this article at:

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testing youtube embeds

not sure why all my YouTube embeds don't play... trying to test it here.

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Trusting In The Lord even in Difficult Times!

Listen to Daniel from Daniel Doss Band about trusting in the Lord even in difficult times.... at the same time learning to play "Bless Is The One"

Beautiful string muting....

Paralympics: Singapore wins first-ever medal

Time for our Paralympians to shine....

Paralympics: Singapore wins first-ever medal at Equestrian event
09 September 2008 2021 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE : Singapore's Laurentia Tan has won the bronze in an Equestrian event on Tuesday, giving the country its first-ever medal at the Beijing 2008 Paralympics Games.

Tan, who rode on horse Nothing To Lose, took third placing in the Individual Championship Test Grade 1A event. Britain’s Anne Dunham and S Christiansen took the gold and silver respectively.

Tan will be the first to be awarded the Athletes Achievement Awards (AAA) set up by the Singapore National Paralympic Council. The award comprises a monetary reward of S$25,000 for her bronze medal in the individual event.

The AAA awards incentives of S$100,000, S$50,000 and S$25,000 respectively for gold, silver and bronze medal placings at the Paralympic Games individual events.

In swimming, Singapore's Theresa Goh clocked 3 mins 14.22 secs to settle for fourth in the 200 metre freestyle event.

She was also fourth in the heats overall.

Singapore sailors Jovin Tan and Desiree Lim are in eighth place so far in the Two-Person Keelboat (SKUD18) event.

They have completed five races so far, with six more to go before the event wraps up on September 13. - CNA /ls

Monday, September 8


Scientology faces French trial for fraud, prescribing drugs

7 of its members will also be tried for illegally prescribing drugs, in the latest clash between French officials and the controversial religion. -AFP

Tue, Sep 09, 2008

PARIS (AFP) - - The Church of Scientology is to be tried for fraud, and seven of its members for illegally prescribing drugs, legal sources said Monday, in the latest clash between French officials and the controversial religion.

The charges stem from a case taken by a woman who said she paid the church more than 20,000 euros (S$41,730) for lessons, books, drugs and an "electrometer," a device which the church says can measure a person's mental state.

She allegedly made the payments after being approached by Scientologists in a Paris street in 1998.

The case to be examined at a still-unknown date by a Paris court is also being taken by another plaintiff and by France's professional pharmaceutical association.

Founded in the United States in 1954 by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology, which has attracted Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, was officially recognised as a religion there 20 years later.

But it is often accused in France and in other European countries, including Belgium, Germany and Greece, of exploiting its members financially.

Scientology followers are expected to contribute money to the church's coffers and follow its courses in order to climb through the ranks.

In particular Scientologists use a spiritual healing method called Dianetics, which is designed to help alleviate unwanted sensations and emotions, irrational fears and psychosomatic illnesses.

A French parliamentary commission has classified the church as a sect.

Critics of Scientology in France and abroad accuse it of unfairly pressuring and harassing opponents, including judges, lawyers, parliamentarians and journalists who have investigated its activities.

The organisation often goes to court to raise defamation charges whenever it feels itself under attack.

In the French court case announced Monday, Judge Jean-Christophe Hullin signed an order referring the church's main structure in France, the ASES-Celebrity Centre, and its bookshop for "organised fraud," the legal sources said.

The ASES and the bookshop could be closed if it is convicted, according to a source close to the case.

The seven church members, including Alain Rosenberg, the manager of the ASES-Celebrity Centre, are to be tried for the "illegal exercise of pharmacy," the legal source said.

Judge Hullin's decision to proceed with the case went against the Paris prosecutor's office which in September 2004 called for it to be dismissed because of insufficient evidence.

Olivier Morice, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said the "attitude of the prosecutor's office makes one wonder if political considerations were taken into account in the legal treatment of dossiers concerning Scientology."

Parental Guidance

AsiaOne Article - Money can't replace parental guidance

Bringing up children requires something more than money. -myp

Mon, Sep 08, 2008
my paper

By Geoff Tan

IN 1965, Time magazine ran a cover story featuring teenagers from one of the wealthiest institutions in America - the prestigious Palisades High School in Los Angeles, California.

The parents of these kids comprise the nations' rich and famous. This young fraternity was lauded as having great potential. They stood at the fringe of a "golden era", where their stature and position augured well for their future.

They were looked upon to fuel the next generation of America's leaders - the so-called blue-eyed kids on the block.

In 1976, two members of that class, David Wallechinsky (who incidentally is the son of well-known author and screenwriter Irving Wallace) and Michael Medved, co-wrote a book entitled What Really Happened To The Class Of '65? This book, which eventually became a bestseller, featured interviews with several members of the class and their teachers, whose experiences were recounted both individually and in groups around a host of shared themes.

What Wallechinsky and Medved found was contrary to what was predicted of their cohort some 11 years back.

Many of their former classmates went their separate ways after high school and got involved in lesser-than-expected behaviour - drug abuse, rebellion, sexual irresponsibility, divorce and even prison time. Many of them were plagued by personal tragedy and emotional trauma.

These kids, who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, were to a great extent unprepared for the complex game of life.

Some psychologists diagnosed this to be a case of misguided parental indulgence.

These mums and dads, who were among America's richest and most influential, did not know better than to spoil their children rotten.

What they lacked in time spent with their kids - to nurture and teach them good values - they made up for with money lavished upon their juniors.

Money to fuel expensive lifestyles. Money for their children to buy and enjoy all that they desire. Money to bail them out of jail. Money to repair their wrecked exotic cars, or to buy new ones. Money so that their children can avoid work or further study. Money that made them eventual failures in life. In a nutshell: rich parents, "poor" children.

You may ask what all this has to do with us in Singapore, 32 years after the book was published. You must have read recently that Singapore has climbed the ranks of the millionaire club.

According to the 12th annual WorldWealth Report by United States investment bank Merrill Lynch and information-technology group Capgemini, Singapore has 77,000 millionaires.

And the figure is growing. In addition, there are now more Singaporeans holding higher appointments and positions within companies and in society as a whole.

With the hectic pace of life we lead, time is a scarce resource in many a person's day.

Bringing up children amid this urban landscape requires time and effort - the two commodities which many of us would rather channel towards building our careers, instead of using them to cultivate strong family bonds.

So, is there a lesson to be learnt from the book, What Really Happened To The Class Of '65?

I certainly think so. There is a common saying that "history repeats itself". In this instance, my hope and wish is that, for our sake, it does not.

Let's get real - money does not buy everything.

Get young involved in inter-faith meets

Another response to the ST article - Clergy 'wary of inter-faith talks', I posted this on the 3 Sep.
ST Forum - Get young involved in inter-faith meets

Sep 9, 2008
Get young involved in inter-faith meets

I REFER to last Wednesday's reports, 'Clergy 'wary of inter-faith talks'' and 'Four in five young people here believe in religion'.
As a Buddhist youth and a Singaporean, I urge religious leaders to make possible more inter-faith engagements. It is important for youth from different faiths to know one another as friends so we can be united as Singaporeans. I would like to share my personal experiences and offer them as encouragement towards meaningful inter-faith friendships. Instead of diluting our own faiths, we achieved a deeper understanding.

I was co-chairperson of the first Singapore Inter-Faith Youth (SIFY) Forum in 2006-2007. During preparations, we could not get the Christian faith representatives to join. Fortunately, youth from a Catholic church came forward. Since then, these youth from seven major religions in Singapore, namely Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Taoism, held numerous inter-faith visits, sharing sessions and continue to be active in promoting inter-religious activities.

Since the launch of the Community Engagement Programme in 2006, I observed a slow but steady increase in the number of youth becoming more aware of inter-faith activities and comfortable about engaging in inter-faith discussions.

I was also project coordinator of Project Million Lotus 2006 and 2007, a movement to gather the good thoughts and stories of compassionate acts from all religions. It received the support of the National Steering Committee of Racial and Religious Harmony, all five community development councils, the People's Association and many religious groups. Students aged seven to 18, from more than 15 educational institutions and youth organisations, actively participated. Many schools, from primary schools to junior colleges, held talks during morning assembly on the importance of inter-faith harmony in Singapore.

To ensure that youth in Singapore become responsible citizens committed to maintaining inter-racial and inter-religious harmony, inter-faith dialogues and friendships have to start now.

This can be possible only with the full support of family members, community leaders, government bodies and, most important, religious leaders who act as role models for youth to follow. Our youth must learn to coexist harmoniously and face the challenges of nation building together, regardless of race or religion.

Lim Siew Wee
Co-Chairperson, SIFY Forum 2007
Project Coordinator, Project Million Lotus 2006 and 2007

Sunday, September 7

Dutch Sheets on Sarah Palin

Here is an email forwarded to me by a friend.

Peg and I have just returned from our Sunday AM service. As you know, we have been involved in 90 days of Hosting the Lord’s Presence and it has been powerful…in a personal way. We knew there has been lots of warfare, because when we get home we are tired and need a nap. The Sunday AM celebrations have been just worship, with some intercessory prayer, but no preaching or teaching. This morning after an extended time of worship, Dutch Sheets, our pastor, shared an exhortation, as he called it. During this, Peg and I both were about to explode in our spirits.

I believe you are aware that Dutch was used by the Lord to call prayer before the 2000 Bush election that was so close. He said this morning that this election is perhaps even more critical than 2000, because of the Supreme Court. If the right political posture is not elected, we stand to lose decades of progress and the repurcussions are enormous.

Last year Chuck Pierce and Greg Hood prophesied that in 2008 we are not electing a president, but the vice president. Dutch said he could get no release in his heart to back Huckaby. even though pressured by many in the body of Christ. Huckaby is a good man and a strong believer, but he was not God’s choice at this time.

Dutch also told us that he knows a man who gave McCain a prophetic word, that McCain had made a vow to God when he was at the bottom during his POW days, and now God was calling in that vow. McCain was visibly moved by this word.

Dutch was traveling to Texas on Friday, and when he landed in the airport, his wife called and told him to get to the TV asap. He watched McCain introduce Governor Palin, and said he began to weep, even though he knew nothing about her. (I experienced the very same thing and we have had reports of many others including Newt Gingrich).

He asked what the significance of this 44-year-old woman was, and he saw the clock said 4:44. He asked the Lord what that was, and the Lord said, “Ezekiel 44:4.” “He brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple; so I looked, and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD; and I fell on my face. NKJV North gate representing Alaska.

A few years ago Dutch and Chuck Pierce went on a 50-state tour prophesying over the state their part in God’s purposes for the U.S. At the meeting in Texas that evening Dutch was relaying his experience about the Governor to Chuck, who said, “Do you remember what the word was the Lord gave us for Alaska ?” The Lord had shown them that Alaska is the alpha and omega state. It is the place where things begin and end.

You may realize that some of the Alaskan islands are on the other side of the Dateline, meaning that the day begins and ends in Alaska. The Lord said that Alaska is a gateway for the Ancient of Days to come into the nation. The Lord told Dutch (back in Alaska ) to tell the people of Alaska to look forward into their destiny. Alaska has an assignment to open doors and a place where prophets and intercessors were trained. It turns out that the Governor, who was raised in a Pentecostal Church, according to our newspaper, founded the prayer movement in Alaska .

We will be having the last of our 90 days beginning in a major gathering Sept 11th. The significance of this is that Chuck Pierce had prophesied that there would be 7 years of war and Sept 11 marks the end of that time and the entering of the 8th year. Someone said that 44 = 4+4 or 8.

Dutch asked why he and Chuck were in Texas for this announcement, and the Lord reminded him that the word for Texas was that it is a prophetic state - that the Lord’s purpose for Texas is this prophetic function.

Dutch then decreed that she will enter the White House. Now, if you don’t know him, he is cautious, has his feet on the ground, and never goes off “half cocked” when it comes to prophecy. He said that he believes, as of Friday, the U.S. has come into a new level of alignment with the Lord and His purposes. By the way, the Governor will be the 44th Vice President. He continued to declare that she will be the Margaret Thatcher of America, including that she would be President one day. Many other things came forth. I literally thought I would explode because the Lord had shown me many of these same things yesterday.

I believe we especially need to rally prayer for the family and children of the Governor. They will be targeted by the enemy and I believe we need special prayer for the oldest daughter. Please take this seriously in your prayers.


Dutch Sheets -

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Isn't it Great that We Honor Him!

I've been listening to this many times and I just love the arrangement, I've never heard "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" played this way.

Anyway I've been a fan of Dale for awhile and he's great with his God given Gift of playing the Guitar...

Watch and Listen to Dale at his YouTube Channel here -


Read my earlier post - Singapore - Clergy 'wary of inter-faith talks'

Here are responses in the online letter pages of ST

Sep 6, 2008

Issue of inter-faith talks must be addressed

I REFER to Wednesday's report, 'Clergy 'wary of inter-faith talks''. This is the situation we must address if we want to work for religious harmony in our multi-religious society. We cannot afford to be embroiled in conflict among the different faith communities. The cost is too high. As Professor Tommy Koh has warned, 'it will threaten everything we have build for the last 43 years'.

While the Christian clergy are fearful that religious dialogue will compromise their beliefs, other religious leaders are afraid their members will be proselytised. Until they cast out such fears, faith communities will continue to exist in isolation and refuse to interact and engage with one another. We need to break down the walls that separate us as people of faith and those who claim no religious affiliation. We share a common humanity.

Christianity, as well as other religions, tends to be exclusive in order to maintain its distinctive identity and convictions. Each religion will claim it is true and its beliefs are revealed by God. If one claims one's religion is the only true religion, then all other religions are necessarily false. The claim that my religion is the Absolute Truth means the doors to dialogue are shut tight.

In studying the historical developments of different religions, scholars are saying to us that, in our understanding today in the postmodern world, there is no one Absolute Truth. No one Sacred Text contains all the truths. No one religion has the monopoly of Truth. No one single religion can dominate the entire world. We witness the resurgence of religions which have been suppressed in the past. We see the emergence of new religions in rejection of traditional religions in the present. We watch the increase of the numbers of 'free thinkers' and atheists.

Admittedly, it is difficult to bridge existing differences. No, all roads do not reach the same God. Yes, there will be different roads to God and we travel our chosen path in faith. At the same time, we have to recognise that there are fellow travellers on other roads. On the journey, we need to borrow the light from one another. We may meet common dangers and we come together to defend ourselves. We may see some common tasks and we can work together for our common good. The hope of each of us is that, ultimately, the road I chose to travel is the one that leads to God.

In the context of religious diversity, we have to lay aside our exclusive truth claims and admit we do not possess all the truth. It is through interaction and engagement we learn to comprehend the differences and appreciate the commonalities. This will eradicate the fears and remove the suspicion we have for one another. Only then we can ensure harmony in our multi-religious society.

Dr Yap Kim Hao

Sep 6, 2008
It really depends what the talk is about

I REFER to Wednesday's article, 'Clergy 'wary' of inter-faith talks'.
Since the article was based on my research, I hope to provide some clarification so the report may not be interpreted wrongly.

My research shows that, among some quarters of clergy, there were some concerns about inter-religious dialogue. This was particularly the case if dialogue was conducted with the aim of presenting that all religions are really very much the same. This becomes a problematic exercise for conservative Christians who hold truth claims which they do not want to dilute. On the other hand, clergy seemed more willing to engage their non-Christian religious counterparts if the dialogue was aimed at working on social concerns pressing society. The main point of my paper, then, was that, even among conservative Christians who may hold rather exclusivist positions of their faith, there are ways to reconcile their theological beliefs and evangelist styles to cope with the reality of a secular and multi-religious society.

Dr Mathew Mathews

Link to Profile of Dr Mathew Mathews
Books - Checkout - Religious Diversity in Singapore

Yes... Shearer Stay Away!

oh man! Shearer wouldn't like Dennis Wise looking over his back all the time..... :roll:

Video interview on BBC - Shearer cool on Newcastle vacancy

Football: Shearer cool on Newcastle job
06 September 2008 0350 hrs (SST)

LONDON : Former Newcastle striker Alan Shearer on Friday appeared to rule himself out of the running to replace Kevin Keegan in the St James' Park hot seat.

The ex-England England star, now a TV pundit, described the structure at the ailing Premier League club as "strange", one day after Keegan quit as manager for the second time.

"I'd like to be a manager at some point in my career," Shearer told the BBC.

"But I want to manage - and control who comes in and out of the club."

Keegan quit the job over his lack of control on transfers, a similar complaint to the one made by Alan Curbishley who resigned as boss of fellow top flight side West Ham on Wednesday.

With Shearer a reluctant candidate, the favourites to replace Keegan remain Everton's David Moyes and former French skipper Didier Deschamps with Newcastle now looking for a sixth manager in four years.

Shearer, a legend among Newcastle fans who scored 192 goals in 363 appearances for the club, has been regularly linked with the manager's job on the occasions it has become vacant since he retired as a player in 2006.

Keegan's former Liverpool strike partner John Toshack said on Friday that the conflict leading to the Newcastle rupture was inevitable with his old friend feeling he had been left out in the cold over transfers.

"If you've got three, four, or five players waiting for you and you don't know who they are, then you have got the right to ask yourself 'can I manage this football club?'" said Wales boss Toshack.

"You live and die by the decisions you make as a manager, and that includes buying players.

"It's a dangerous run when you go into a football club and the director of football is not appointed by yourself.

"There can only be one person who is (ultimately) responsible for buying players."

- AFP /ls

Jimi Hendrix's burnt guitar fetched S$700K! Wow!

Watch a BBC reporter play this guitar -

A guitar once set alight by Jimi Hendrix on stage has been sold for £280,000 after it was found in a garage where it had been left for 40 years.

The guitar was deliberately damaged by Hendrix after he poured lighter fluid on to the Fender Stratocaster and set it alight during a set at Finsbury Park in London in March 1967.

Auctioneer Ted Owens spoke to the BBC before the auction. And the BBC's Martin Shankleman, a self-confessed Hendrix expert, couldn't resist the temptation to put the instrument through its paces.

$700k for a burnt guitar?

The first guitar that rock legend Jimi Hendrix burned on stage fetched 280,000 pounds (S$706,410) at an auction in London. -AFP

Fri, Sep 05, 2008

LONDON - THE first guitar that rock legend Jimi Hendrix burned on stage fetched 280,000 pounds (S$706,410) at an auction in London on Thursday.

Also sold was the first management contract signed by The Beatles on January 24, 1962, which bears the names John Winston Lennon, George Harrison, James Paul McCartney and Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr).

Hendrix set the 1965 Fender Stratocaster alight - a gesture he later became famous for - following a landmark performance at London's Finsbury Astoria in March 1967, and had to be taken to hospital to be treated for minor hand injuries afterward.

more here - AsiaOne Article -

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Great is our Lord!

Today is cell meeting night... and looking forward to Praise and Worship him! :)

Nice P&W from one of my YouTube subscriptions, Ian praising with "Sing To The Lord".

The Large Hadron Rap

Now this is one way to teach....

CERN Rap from Will Barras on Vimeo.

The Large Hadron Rap -

It's also on YouTube CERNTV -

Pray for Forgiveness!

After posting "How can this happen?!", I'm just feeling terrible....

anyway... i pray for the forgiveness of these people who is doing this. And also most of all pray for these helpless people that they may find peace and that the Lord will release them from this bondage.

Listening to another one of my favorite YouTube P&W folks...