Tuesday, September 9

Paralympics: Singapore wins first-ever medal

Time for our Paralympians to shine....

Paralympics: Singapore wins first-ever medal at Equestrian event
09 September 2008 2021 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE : Singapore's Laurentia Tan has won the bronze in an Equestrian event on Tuesday, giving the country its first-ever medal at the Beijing 2008 Paralympics Games.

Tan, who rode on horse Nothing To Lose, took third placing in the Individual Championship Test Grade 1A event. Britain’s Anne Dunham and S Christiansen took the gold and silver respectively.

Tan will be the first to be awarded the Athletes Achievement Awards (AAA) set up by the Singapore National Paralympic Council. The award comprises a monetary reward of S$25,000 for her bronze medal in the individual event.

The AAA awards incentives of S$100,000, S$50,000 and S$25,000 respectively for gold, silver and bronze medal placings at the Paralympic Games individual events.

In swimming, Singapore's Theresa Goh clocked 3 mins 14.22 secs to settle for fourth in the 200 metre freestyle event.

She was also fourth in the heats overall.

Singapore sailors Jovin Tan and Desiree Lim are in eighth place so far in the Two-Person Keelboat (SKUD18) event.

They have completed five races so far, with six more to go before the event wraps up on September 13. - CNA /ls

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