Friday, November 5

Listening to Christian Radio

I was in the car this morning searching thru radio stations and came upon this station, you can listen to it over the internet.

I like it, it's K Love(Click)

Air1 as well...

Thursday, November 4

Back to Scottsdale...

I'm now back here in Scottsdale for 2 days, yes, 2 days! The company needs me (that's good!) for a presentation to a customer.

I need to be back home by Monday to sort out my house in Singapore.

Anyway, just finished my presentation, looks like we have the deal. Got a compliment from the customer and my co-workers (I remember what Lydia said). Too bad my boss is not around. I'm sure word will get to him.

PTL! The Headmaster from Scottsdale Preparatory Academy called, and looks like my son get to attend school there.

So, things are working out fine! :)