Friday, July 31

Post Toolbar Icons Disappear

Recently I was unable to post here on blogger, actually the row of toolbar icons just above the text entry screen has disappeared....

After much googling, I found out later that it's not because of the browsers, but it's my ISP provider... SingTel/SingNet.

In order to get the toolbar back, I had to insert the proxy settings in my browser.

I'm going to test Starhub later.

I hope SingTel/SingNet get this fixed.

I've tested adding the proxy settings to IE8, Firefox 3.0.12 and Chrome Only IE8 works. Btw... when you set proxy in IE8/Chrome, proxy settings in IE8/Chrome also gets the same settings. So, if you remove these settings, the same will happen in either browser.

Update: Have tested with Starhub without any proxy, works fine with IE8, icons still does not appear on Firefox & Chrome.

Another Update: For Firefox & IE8, use Ctrl-F5 when you're in the editing screen, the icons will appear.

Flags all over his Cab

Have you seen him on the road, this is his way of demostrating his patriotism for Singapore.

Tuesday, July 28

I'm Back Home...

Was a tiring trip... more from being stuck in traffic and the rain in Manila.

But with God's grace... successfully did my job and my boss is happy.

So, I want to Exalt Him.... here is a song from another of my favorite YouTube channels. Nice way of playing "I Exalt Thee" and there is an instructional as well.

Here it is! Enjoy! :)

Sunday, July 26

From Manila

It's late, now sitting in the hotel. Finally am able to blog, somehow I was having lots of problems in Singapore. I could not insert links, pictures, etc... something to do with the ISP.

Anyway, over here for business until Tuesday evening. Just listening to Daniel Choo playing Wonderful Saviour.

Lyrics: Wonderful Saviour

Jesus, my King, my wonderful Saviour,
All of my life is given to Thee.
Now I am living in Your great salvation
Your precious blood is making me free.

Wonderful Saviour, wonderful Saviour,
You are so near, so precious to me!
Wonderful Saviour, wonderful Saviour,
My heart is filled with praises to Thee!

Freedom from sin, O wonderful story
All of its stains washed whiter than snow!
Jesus has come to live in His temple,
All of my days, His love I will show

Jesus, my Lord, Ill ever adore Thee,
Lay at Your feet my treasures of love.
Lead me in ways to show forth Your glory,
Ways that will end in heaven above.

When in that bright and beautiful city
There I will see, Your glories untold
I will be like You, my wonderful Saviour,
I will sing praise while ages unfold

Learn to play it here

Friday, July 24

My Favorite Burger Joint Owner is now a Singaporean

Can get enough of Bernie's delicious burgers and steaks. I first tasted his food when he had a place over in Changi where I use to live when I was still a kid.

It's always been that good... now both my kids love his food.

Read about his road to success - click here.

And this article about Bernie becoming a Singaporean - click here.

Check out Botak Jones website here.

Wednesday, July 15

I am Officially a "Crazy" Dad!

My son and I are crazy about basketball. And Kobe Bryant will be on his Asia Tour and will be in Singapore for a day on 22 July.

So, Nike decided to give out 1000 tickets today on a first-come-first served basis.

Ok, was contemplating whether I should go down there to get them. I knew there would be a crowd, I'm not the sort who would wait in line for anything.

I was in the line at 9:30am and they started giving out tickets at about 11am.

But I did, and at 12:45pm, I GOT THE TICKETS!!!

I might still not get to go... because my daughter is a fan too, so maybe she'll get to go with her brother.

Thursday, July 9

Met a friend on Facebook

I'm usually very cautions about people wanting to be friends on Facebook. But this time it was strange because it was someone from Arkansas (I thought...).

Actually he is residing in Singapore and has been here for the last 6 months with his family.

Anyway, we exchanged emails, and in one of those emails, he mentioned a place that I go to meet other foreign students while at the University of Arkansas.

So went digging for photos and asked him if he knew someone that knew. And what do you know... it's a small world! That was his ex-roommate!

He recognized the people in the photos and we're both delighted that we must have met while in Arkansas.

Can't wait to meetup with him and his family.


I missed an entry for our cell group outing to Pulau Ubin during the school holidays in June. Here is an entry for it - Pulau Ubin