Thursday, July 9

Met a friend on Facebook

I'm usually very cautions about people wanting to be friends on Facebook. But this time it was strange because it was someone from Arkansas (I thought...).

Actually he is residing in Singapore and has been here for the last 6 months with his family.

Anyway, we exchanged emails, and in one of those emails, he mentioned a place that I go to meet other foreign students while at the University of Arkansas.

So went digging for photos and asked him if he knew someone that knew. And what do you know... it's a small world! That was his ex-roommate!

He recognized the people in the photos and we're both delighted that we must have met while in Arkansas.

Can't wait to meetup with him and his family.


I missed an entry for our cell group outing to Pulau Ubin during the school holidays in June. Here is an entry for it - Pulau Ubin

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