Friday, July 31

Post Toolbar Icons Disappear

Recently I was unable to post here on blogger, actually the row of toolbar icons just above the text entry screen has disappeared....

After much googling, I found out later that it's not because of the browsers, but it's my ISP provider... SingTel/SingNet.

In order to get the toolbar back, I had to insert the proxy settings in my browser.

I'm going to test Starhub later.

I hope SingTel/SingNet get this fixed.

I've tested adding the proxy settings to IE8, Firefox 3.0.12 and Chrome Only IE8 works. Btw... when you set proxy in IE8/Chrome, proxy settings in IE8/Chrome also gets the same settings. So, if you remove these settings, the same will happen in either browser.

Update: Have tested with Starhub without any proxy, works fine with IE8, icons still does not appear on Firefox & Chrome.

Another Update: For Firefox & IE8, use Ctrl-F5 when you're in the editing screen, the icons will appear.

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