Sunday, November 29

It's Christmas - Jingle Bell Rock

Northwood Music School once again have organized a recital for their students to perform live.

Since it's the Christmas season...we have Alison playing Jingle Bell Rock. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18

Fun at ACS Carnival 3

We had a wonderful time at my son, Bryan's school carnival... ACS Carnival 3. Alison on the Meteorite...

Wednesday, November 4

Lord I Lift Your Name On High...

I just had to put this in... she is simply amazing, just using a single chord position and moving to different frets and have a very well played "Lord I Lift Your Name On High"

Check this out.

Christmas Mood... Jingle Bell Rock

My daughter will be playing this (not like this, he is very good, but maybe she'll surprise everyone) for her Dec recital.