Monday, March 28

Third Day - Your Love Oh Lord

Visited a Church this weekend, was introduced by my son through his classmate whose father is a Pastor there. Church is Shiloh Community Church, an "Evangelical Free Church".

We sang this praise song... enjoy!

Sunday, March 20

Family Time in Disney California Adventure Park

What a wonderful place... this park is just next to Disneyland and the rides are more thrilling. I had a joyous time with my family and going on rides with my son.

Tuesday, March 15

She is right & wrong...

it all started because of this video from a UCLA girl, Alexandra Wallace, she has a point, I don't think it's racism, but she is definitely ignorant about the Asia culture.

Listen to what she is saying... especially about not being able to fend for themselves... listen to her (she is right & wrong) and then listen to the next video, he is right as well.

Sunday, March 13

NBA Game

Just got back from an NBA game, Suns vs Orlando. It was disappointing, it was a blowout, playing at home, the Suns just didn't get going. 88 to 111 scoreline.

Friday, March 11

Contact Info for Singaporean's In Japan Who Needs Assistance

Singaporeans who require consular assistance should contact the Singapore Embassy in Tokyo or the MFA Duty Officer (24hrs) at:

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, Tel: +81 90 3208 4122 / +81 90 2435 5543, Email:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tel: +65 6379 8800, +65 6379 8855

ST Interactive

Currents hit Califonia

Japan hit with a 8.9 Earthquake

Let's our prayers be with the people in Japan, this is scary, and we pray that they are safe.

- Eyewitness Footage -

CNN Video

Wednesday, March 9

SIA Loses Top Spot

SIA loses top spot... can't believe it that the top spot has gone to Delta.

Delta tops the world's most admired airlines

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

I subscribe to this website called TechRepublic, just want to share this really good article about "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs"...

Not sure if you have to sign-up to download, here is the link anyway:
The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

The man who wrote this Carmine Gallo, check it out here -

BBC World Service - About Singapore

As you listen, you realize who they selected for interviews.

Link to BBC World Service - What Can I Say? Episode 4 - Singapore

Is it so wrong to have stability.

Chee Soon Juan.... What!

Siew Kum Hong... he was never an MP, but an NMP there is a difference!

Martyn See... his banned film has since been lifted...
Martyn See's "Singapore Rebel" film gets green light

So if you want to say something, you better be able to back it up!

Mr Brown... you know what he is funny... that's it!

Alex Au... promoter of homosexuality

Catherine Lim... writes books...

Kishore Mahbubani... listen to him!

BBC talks about Indonesia... so what is happening to Indonesia now!

Things are changing in Singapore... it takes time and if the opposition can do better the people will vote for them!

Tuesday, March 8

Satisfy (Daniel Choo) Desperation Band

So beautiful... PTL!

What am I Reading?

Just got my daughter setup for swimming training. Trying to get her out of the house and away from the computer & TV, so decided that it was time she started her swimming training again.

But I wanted her to have fun and at the same time got the exercise she needed.

So, I've enrolled her in Swim Neptune, and her coach Joe Zemaitis is the 2010 Arizona Age Group Coach of the Year.

Really nice coach and I really liked his program.

On the very next day he sent us his book called "Joe's Rules: How Every Parent Can Help Their Child Excel in Life - Through Sports".

I can identify with his approach and I think if you're a parent and you're not sure where to begin, go pickup his book. Great pointers in there.

A quote from the book... ""Fun" means different things to different people; discover what it means to your child."

I like this one "Remember: Motion can change emotion." He was writing about our mental state and emotional state, saying that when you are mentally stressed, physical activity can change it with a resurgence in energy and making your mental and emotional states become more positive.

Saturday, March 5

Some Family Time...

Cycling, walking, basketball... pictures taken using my HTC myTouch4G