Wednesday, March 9

BBC World Service - About Singapore

As you listen, you realize who they selected for interviews.

Link to BBC World Service - What Can I Say? Episode 4 - Singapore

Is it so wrong to have stability.

Chee Soon Juan.... What!

Siew Kum Hong... he was never an MP, but an NMP there is a difference!

Martyn See... his banned film has since been lifted...
Martyn See's "Singapore Rebel" film gets green light

So if you want to say something, you better be able to back it up!

Mr Brown... you know what he is funny... that's it!

Alex Au... promoter of homosexuality

Catherine Lim... writes books...

Kishore Mahbubani... listen to him!

BBC talks about Indonesia... so what is happening to Indonesia now!

Things are changing in Singapore... it takes time and if the opposition can do better the people will vote for them!

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