Tuesday, March 8

What am I Reading?

Just got my daughter setup for swimming training. Trying to get her out of the house and away from the computer & TV, so decided that it was time she started her swimming training again.

But I wanted her to have fun and at the same time got the exercise she needed.

So, I've enrolled her in Swim Neptune, and her coach Joe Zemaitis is the 2010 Arizona Age Group Coach of the Year.

Really nice coach and I really liked his program.

On the very next day he sent us his book called "Joe's Rules: How Every Parent Can Help Their Child Excel in Life - Through Sports".

I can identify with his approach and I think if you're a parent and you're not sure where to begin, go pickup his book. Great pointers in there.

A quote from the book... ""Fun" means different things to different people; discover what it means to your child."

I like this one "Remember: Motion can change emotion." He was writing about our mental state and emotional state, saying that when you are mentally stressed, physical activity can change it with a resurgence in energy and making your mental and emotional states become more positive.

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