Sunday, June 28

When You Believe

Alison had another one of her recital last weekend. She did great with an improvised theme song from the movie "Prince of Egypt" called "When You Believe".


Friday, June 19

Basketball... I Love the Game! It's Amazing.

My favourite team won... the Lakers champions for the 15th time.

Been watching the playoffs and finals, it's just amazing.

Watch Kobe's best plays...

It's great cause this is the only game my son and I would be sitting down together to watch and talk about. I've tried with soccer and he is just not interested.

He started playing sometime late last year and he has been watching AND1 videos on Youtube. Getting lots of ideas and practicing by himself alot.

I finally decided to sign him up for some real basketball workout.

He is now with LJE Sports and enjoying himself. They've got a great and friendly coach, Coach Bernard Williams.

If you're in Singapore and would like to find a game, check out his website at LJE Sports.

LJE Sports - Singapore Professional Basketball Competition from ConversionHub on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 7

Pulau Ubin

Well it's the school holidays and the cell decided to make a day trip to Pulau Ubin. It a 10min boat ride from Changi Point.

More about Pulau Ubin here

We really had a wonderful time even doing Praise & Worship there. Here are some pictures of the wildlife there at Chek Jawa.

We even had seafood lunch and did some cycling around parts of the island... remember if you're going to cycle, make sure you wear a safety helmet.

Seafood Restaurant