Tuesday, July 19

Friday, July 15

Passing League

My son's with his high school football team @ Passing League, scrimmaging with other teams.

Wednesday, July 13

My Daughter's Summer Intrasquad Championships Swim Meet

This meet marks the end of Summer swimming and next week they will go into stroke development clinics. She gave her best, got 4th position, she just loves the competition and I'm sure she will do better next time around. Very happy for her! :)

Tuesday, July 12

Yahoo! Finance - Financially Fit

"Sometimes, saving money is all in the timing, and Wednesday is the day for discounts on everyday items. Here's a rundown of four items that usually reach their best prices on Hump Day."

Yahoo! Finance - Financially Fit

Saturday, July 9

Finally...Facebook with Video Calling

With Facebook's recent announcement with Skype, they've now enabled video calling within FB's chat window.

So, if you're installing it the first time, you'll need to have to install a plugin.   Of course, your computer should have a webcam attached or built-in.  You can still install it, but you'll only be able to speak and you'll be able to see the other party if they have a webcam.

Before you go to the link to download the plugin... finish reading this step-by-step before you start installing.  I have a tip further down.

So go here to get the plugin - https://www.facebook.com/videocalling

After you've done that you can call any of your chat buddies.  Your friends would not need to install (like you just did) the plugin.  All you have to do is click on the "video calling icon" (grayed-out - see the chat image below).

Your friend will get a pop-up asking to install/setup video calling.  Once that is done, you can start using video calling.

Tip: If you know of someone who has already setup video calling, just ask that person to call you, and a pop-up will appear at your end.  Just click setup and the plugin will be installed.

What I like is that you don't have to setup a Skype account.  Easy and fast.

Have fun!

Friday, July 8

Ondeh Ondeh

Singapore Local Favourites

I really miss this!

Recipe - How to make Ondeh Ondeh

No sure if I can get the ingredients. Will checkout the Asian supermart.

Wednesday, July 6

The Dust Has Not Settled...

We need the rain to wash this off... about 10:50am today.

This was yesterday...time lapse.

Haboob (Sand Storm Scottsdale AZ 2011) TIMELAPSE from Steven Esparza on Vimeo.

Frame by Frame.

Google Deleting Private Profiles by July 31 | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

Go to your Google Profiles and check if it's set to "visible search", if not you'll have to set it.

Google Deleting Private Profiles by July 31 | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

Tuesday, July 5

Dust Storms moving into the valley...

Watch as the dust/sand storm moves into the valley...

This is time lapse..

This is outside my apartment...

Monday, July 4

Trip to Grand Canyon (July 2-3)

We took the Grand Canyon Train from Williams to the South Rim.

It was sunny in the early afternoon, but completely changed in just a couple of hours.  It started to rain and strong winds.

We still had fun and we particularly like the train ride.

We stayed overnight at Williams, AZ at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel.  Very nice hotel and very good service.

Food around the area was pretty good and cowboys walking around town, and horse carriages you could get on (for a fee).

On the Train...

Train Robbery...

This video is about 15mins long... it's the Wild West Shootout by Grand Canyon Railway.