Sunday, November 30

A Pictorial Condolence to Lo Hoei-Yen

It is with our deepest condolences to Michael and his family on the tragic event, we pray that Michael and Hoei-Yen's parents and sisters will find peace and healing with time.

God Bless.

A moving pictorial condolence of Lo Hoei-Yen taken from YouTube.

Friday, November 28

Mumbai - Singaporean Lady Lawyer Killed

It's really sad, just heard on the news that the only Singaporean hostage has been found dead on the 19th floor of the Oberoi Hotel.

She is 28-year-old lawyer Lo Hwei-Yen.

AsiaOne Report:
Militants relayed message to India via Singapore: FM spokesman

They demanded Indian authorities to refrain from storming the Oberoi hotel. -AFP

Fri, Nov 28, 2008

SINGAPORE - Militants who seized hostages at a Mumbai hotel relayed a message through Singapore that Indian forces should not storm the building, a foreign ministry spokesman said Friday.

"The terrorists demanded that the Indian authorities refrain from storming the Oberoi hotel or else they would harm her," Jai Sohan, consular director of the foreign ministry, said after revealing that Singaporean hostage Lo Hoei Yen, 28, had been killed.

ChannelNewsAsia Report:
Singaporean held hostage at Mumbai's Oberoi Hotel killed
28 November 2008 2151 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE: Singapore's Foreign Ministry says the Singaporean Chinese woman held hostage at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai has been killed.

Speaking at a news conference at the Ministry, Director of the Consular Directorate Jai Sohan Singh said they were told at 9:35pm Singapore time that she suffered a tragic death.

This was after her husband, who had flown up to Mumbai, made a final confirmation of her identity. She is 28-year-old lawyer Lo Hoei-Yen.

Indian authorities had found her body on the 19th floor of the hotel.

Mr Singh added there are no more Singaporeans stranded in any of the hotels in the Indian financial capital.

115 Singaporeans were known to be in Mumbai either for work or leisure during the attacks on Wednesday night that have killed some 130 people.

- CNA/ir

Thursday, November 27

Situation in Mumbai

Let pray for the safe release of the hostages. There is one Singaporean female hostage being held at the Trident/Oberoi Hotel.

Here is a news report from ChannelNewsAsia (CNA):

Singaporean among hostages held in Mumbai
27 November 2008 1840 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE : The Singaporean held hostage at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai had contacted family members in Singapore, who then alerted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) about the situation. MFA received the call at about 6.15am on Thursday.

The ministry confirmed that the hostage is a Singaporean Chinese woman and that she has not been harmed.

It is believed that she was in the city on business, and is one of 20 foreigners taken hostage.

MFA said it is working closely with the Indian authorities to secure the safe release of the Singaporean hostage.

"We were contacted by the family members to the predicament of the Singaporean in Mumbai. They were contacted by the Singaporean," said Jai Sohan, director of Consular Directorate at MFA.

The ministry said it has made arrangements for the family to be flown to Mumbai on Thursday afternoon.

A two-man ministry taskforce is expected to join its consular officers from New Delhi who are flying to Mumbai to provide assistance to Singaporeans there.

Some 115 Singaporeans on holiday or business in the Indian city have registered with the MFA. Seven were stranded after the hotels they were staying at, namely the Taj Mahal and Oberoi Trident, were attacked.

MFA said the seven have since been relocated to secure places in the city. But early Thursday morning, the ministry was alerted to one Singaporean being held hostage at the Oberoi Trident Hotel.

The ministry has also refuted reports that a Singaporean has been injured in the Mumbai attacks.

However, it said it has not been able to contact four out of the 115 Singaporeans who registered their presence in the Indian city with the ministry.

The updates were given at a second media conference by the ministry at 6.30pm on Thursday.

Singapore's High Commissioner in New Delhi has arrived in Mumbai to oversee the safety and care of those stranded there.

MFA said Singapore strongly condemns the attacks and conveyed its deepest condolences to the victims, their families, the government of India and its people.

It said the Mumbai attacks underscored the common terrorist threat that we continue to face today, and Singapore stands firmly behind the Indian government in its fight against terrorism.

The ministry and the Singapore Consulate-General in Mumbai are closely monitoring the situation in the city.

Should Singaporeans require assistance, they can contact the Singapore Consulate-General in Mumbai or the MFA Duty Officer at 6379-8800 or 6379-8855.

When in Mumbai, MFA has advised Singaporeans to take the necessary precautions for their personal safety. During this period, Singaporeans are advised to monitor local news reports and be prepared to face inconveniences in their travel.

If Singaporeans do not have a pressing need to travel to Mumbai, they are advised to postpone their travel to a later date.

Should they decide to travel, they are advised to register with the ministry at This will enable the ministry and the Consulate-General in Mumbai to contact Singaporeans and render them the necessary consular assistance in case of emergencies.

All Singaporeans travelling abroad are also encouraged to purchase comprehensive medical and travel insurance.

- CNA/938LIVE/ls

Tuesday, November 25

Listen to Jeremy Camp's Testimony....

Another great cover done by Daniel Choo...

Walk By Faith (Jeremy Camp):
Would I believe you when you say
Your hand will guide my every way
Will I receive the words You say
Every moment of every day

Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see
because this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

Help me to win my endless fears
You've been so faithful for all my years
With the one breath You make me new
Your grace covers all I do

Well I'm broken
but I still see Your face
Well You've spoken
pouring Your words of grace

Hallelujah, hallelu

Sunday, November 23

We Are The Reason

As the Christmas season approaches, we want to celebrate and understand what Christmas is all about...

Saturday, November 22

YouTube Live - Nov 22, 2008

Checkout YouTube Live on Nov 22, 2008 5PM (PST) / 8PM (EST)

Get Details

Friday, November 21

Looking for some great guitar tips....

Was surfing YouTube for palm muting techniques and I came across this site...

He has a site called Djembe. Drums. Guitars. Sound Design.

Was also looking for some simple explanation of what C2 & Cadd9 actually means and this is really a great site.

Worship Guitar Guy

I've put these links permanently under "Resources" on the left side of this blog. Just scroll down and you'll find it.

Down with the Flu & Sore Throat

Been down with the flu and a sore throat for the last 5 days. I've been to 2 doctors and now on antibiotics.

I pray that I get well soon, cause I'll be in Jakarta on Monday night, getting ready for a meeting and be back on Tue evening.

Been practising 4 songs for tomorrow night's cell. We're going to have praise and worship as well as BBQ.

Hallelujah, Beautiful One, Lord I Offer My Life To You and The Song of Jabez.

Been listening to a several of songs from YouTube today Jesus Messiah, Living Water and The Answer.

Best Pasta @ Sembawang Hill

Their famous Marinara (remember to let them know...NO CHILLI!)
- mussels, clams, prawns(shrimps) & squid (sotong)

Brought my son for lunch before his dental surgery to remove a milk tooth and misaligned tooth stuck inside.

Sembawang Hill Food Centre
590 #01-34 Upper Thomson Road
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 12pm to 2:30pm;5:30pm to 8:30pm (Mon and every 3rd Sat of month closed)

Find your way there... use StreetMap@Singapore

Friday, November 7

Catching a game of basketball...

Not too bad a game... wish there was more people watching the Slingers.

I brought my son and daughter, and my wife as well as my helper to the game... it's really a good time having the family together.

The Singapore Slingers came out tops once again with a score of 92-80 over the Malaysian All-Stars.

The Slingers were kinda cold in the 1st half... did picked up the pace in the 2nd and won.

Forgot to add that our helper Doris was also with us... it was good time as she would be leaving us after working with us for 3 years. She is going home to the Philippines to get married.