Thursday, August 16

There Is A Day...

What a wonderful worship song.


There is a day
That all creation's waiting for
A day of freedom and liberation for the earth
And on that day
The Lord will come to meet His bride
And when we see Him
In an instant we'll be changed

The trumpet sounds
And the dead will then be raised
By His power
Never to perish again
Once only flesh
Now clothed with immortality
Death has now been
Swallowed up in victory

We will meet Him in the air
And then we will be like Him
For we will see Him as He is
Oh yeah
Then all hurt and pain will cease
And we'll be with Him forever
And in His glory we will live
Oh yeah, Oh yeah

So lift your eyes
To the things as yet unseen
That will remain now
For all eternity
Though trouble's hard
It's only momentary
And it's acheiving
Our future glory