Monday, May 2

How to Watermark your Digital Images

Quite often we (like me) put up/upload our digital images onto the web (photobucket, flickr, picasa, facebook, etc) and we're quite liberal with it.

But there might be some pictures that you may want to have ownership... that is to say that you're the one that shot this picture and if someone uses it, your "name" or "watermark" is on that picture.

Well, I've been looking at this for quite awhile, and there are many solutions to this like using Photoshop, GIMP, etc.  First of all Photoshop is expensive, and I think it's requires too much of our time to learn how to use it.

GIMP is free, but still takes time to learn this as well.

I've been using a graphic tool called IrfanView and just out of curiosity I googled "Irfan Watermarking", and voila... there are tutorials on how to do that and even one on how to watermark a batch of images.

So for those wanting to use the free utility IrfanView here is the website for it - click IrfanView

And for those wanting to watermark a single image, click Watermarking a Single Image

And for those wanting to watermark a batch of files, click Batch Watermarking using IrfanView

Here is a sample, note watermark is at the right bottom corner...

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