Thursday, August 14

Olympics - Michael Phelps makes it 6th

What an amazing swimmer... Michael Phelps gets his 6th Gold and 6th world record.

Phelps just finished the medal ceremony and immediately goes off for the 100m butterfly 1st semifinal and comes in 1st.

this is the event that he may have a challenge from Ian Crocker who is the WR holder, the fastest in history....

In the Womens 100m Freestype Finals, a sensational swim by Britta Stefen.
2 swimmers, 1 current (Aussie) and former (German) world record holder placed at the bottom after qualification....

this pix is just after the 50m turn... the Aussie (bottom view - lane 8 ) is in the lead and just behind half a body length the German (lane 7)

but at the touch, the German (black cap - Britta Stefen) touches 1st winning in OR time of 53.12, Aussie Lisbeth Trickett in 53.16

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