Friday, August 6

Creamy Butter Crabs Again

Wife's friends requested for the Creamy Butter Crabs this Sat.

so this time I'll go to Tekka Market (Zhujiao Centre) to get the Sri Lanka crabs.

This is my recipe:
2 Mud Crabs (at least 600g per crab), sometimes the seafood sellers calls it 肉蟹 (ròu xiè)
1 stick of butter
1.5 cups of evaporated milk (important)
2 stalks of curry leaves (very important, must have)
1 or 2 chilli padi (i don't put this, cos my kids not into spicy stuff)

start with the butter, melt it... once it starts to melt add curry leaves & chilli padi
there will be this wonderful aroma (its the curry leaves) add crabs
mixing it well together
add evaporated milk
cover on low heat

you can add water to it with corn starch (not too much)... as well as salt / sugar to taste.

and very important, mantou (deep fried buns).

was about to describe how to clean the crabs, but describing it just wasn't nice.

so, you'll have to search YouTube for it or just get the seller to do it for you. you just have to clean it when you get home.

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