Monday, September 26

Support Scottsdale Preparatory Academy Spartans Football Team!

We're going up to Mogollon this Friday. We're going to pray for a good performance and a victory for the SPA Spartans Football Team.

We just love the young men playing this game. They are just fabulous to be around with... their enthusiasm rubs on to everyone. I think the coaches have done a great job in their development not just physically but mentally as well.

Just beautiful watching everyone including parents and friends getting together and cheering them on at every game.

This weekend is no exception, they will be travelling 2-3hrs to Heber, Arizona to take on the Mogollon High School Mustangs. I'm told this will be a tough game as Mogollon traditionally has been a good football team.

The Spartans is only playing in their 2nd year, never had a football program before last year, and they don't even have a field to practice on. Every week they take whatever is available and in the Arizona heat, they just play on, maintain their academic grades and practice hard.

This is no ordinary team!  Watch this support video....

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