Thursday, February 24

Was listening to K-Love and...

Was sending my son to school this morning and K-Love Christian radio was on, I heard this story about a group losing their passports in somewhere in Europe (I think Moldova). Well someone actually found it and returned it to them... isn't it amazing!

Well something similar happened to me, it was a long time ago and what happened was I dropped my passport in a taxi.

My mum-in-law called and asked if I lost my passport, I was surprised that she knew. Well she told me that it's in a police station... surprised again! Well what happened was the taxi driver brought my passport to a police station. The police officer that received it saw my picture and name, and guess what he recognized me!

It turned out this police officer is a friend of my bro-in-law, and saw me maybe once or at most twice. And he called my mum-in-law and that how I got it back.

Isn't amazing! PTL! And it says a lot about the training they are getting in the Singapore Police Force too.

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