Thursday, September 9

Testing my Sony DSLR/DSLT-A33

just testing my newly acquired Sony Alpha A33 camera. It's got this new mirror technology called Translucent Mirror Technology, 14.2 mega pixels, phase detection, HD (1080i) video, 3D Sweep Panorama (auto stitch).

if you're thinking of getting one, get the A55, it's like $200 more, but you get 10fps(a33 - 7fps), and 16.2 mega pixels.

anyway, all that is such a mouth-full.... here are the pixs.

Captured this while waiting for my daughter's swim training.
Sweep Panorama - Location is ACS (I) Swimming Pool spectator stands... the building in the middle is Fusionpolis.

Window view from my home. Using the Handheld Twilight feature that does not require a flash or a tripod.

A closeup shot using a 18-70mm lens.

Will be at the Istana today, it's Hari Raya Puasa, so it's open house. See if there are any interesting shots.

Want to know more about Hari Raya Puasa (click)
And about the Istana (click)

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